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Subject Context Foreground BackgroundSubject Context Foreground Background
Lake Placid New York

A different perspective


Frog, lily, Pepsico, 700 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase, NY 10577, Amphibian, Green Frog

My Background

 Welcome to what I hope will be an enjoyable visit.  This site is here for your enjoyment.             
      I was introduced to photography some forty years ago.  I didn’t know  much about what I was doing at first but read the usual photo magazines  and did a good job of recording family events.

   About the same  time, I discovered an oasis called Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge.  It  reminded me of the areas I visited in southern New Jersey as a  youngster.  It wasn’t long before I was taking the camera with me on nature walks recording some of the beautiful scenes and creatures I witnessed in the preserve. 

   After moving to Long Island I  joined a camera club and began to take photography seriously.  Club  photography helped me develop an individual style.  I was able to join  my love of nature and of image making.  I was twice blessed.  Over time,  I’ve expanded into other areas but my favorite is recording forms of nature. 

Alaska, Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Film Photography

 I'm shooting film.  I haven't moved to digital like most of the crowd.   Slides are my preference, shooting a variety of films.  I'm also having  fun with Black and White positives.  Cameras and lenses are all Konica. 

 I have received a number of awards for my work.  My images have been  seen in local galleries and shows.  My lighthouse work was recently  published in Tom Beard's book "Lighthouses of America." 

Check the Gallery section of this site and select your favorite topic to see how I have interpreted it.

New York, Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Themes over the years

As an amateur I have freedom to select my own focus and projects.  Recently I have concentrated on photographing lighthouses around the US.  I have a collection of all the Long Island lights photographed on Infrared film.  I also love nature and scenic photography.  I have even done some work with figure skating.  

Enjoy the images you see here.  If you have questions or comments, please use the "Contact" section to shoot me a mail.


Thanks for visiting


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